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Waipoua Management Plan

State Highway 12 extends some 18 kilometres through the Waipoua Forest, home to one of the last predominately unlogged kauri forests in New Zealand.  The forest comprises a complex mosaic of shrublands and forests, including kauri. These majestic trees, sentinels of a by-gone era keep a watchful eye on all who travel this length of highway as their roots grapple between earth and asphalt and provide a habitat for rare and endangered plants and animals under their canopy.


The Waipoua Forest is a highly ecological and culturally sensitive habitat, and is the ancestral home of Te Roroa te Iwi who are mana whenua and manage the State Highway on behalf of the NZ Transport Agency.


The Waipoua Forest Management Plan is a document prepared by Georgina whilst working for Opus International Consultants. It details how activities within the State Highway corridor should be carried out.  Strategies such as vegetation management, and preventing the spread of Kauri Dieback disease are primary focus of the management plan.


The preparation of this document involved collaboration with Te Roroa te Iwi, the Department of Conservation, the Ministry for Primary Industries (the Kauri Dieback team) and the NZ Transport Agency.